Digs and Devotions


Digs and Devotions is a class that encompasses learning basic physical skills of the game, but also learning about character as an individual player, teammate, and opponent. In our 3-5 year old class, kids will learn body positioning and fundamentals for bumping, setting, spiking, and serving. They will also engage in many coordination, strengthening, speed, and agility drills. To create a fun and social environment for these children, most drills will be run in a game-type format. Most importantly, there will be a devotional included that focuses on what it means to be a teammate and how we can be teammates on the court, at home, at school, and in our community.  Drinks and a snack will be provided during devotion time. 

Coach Kayla will be coaching this class. To find out more about Kayla, click here: https://legacybeachvolleyball.com/kayla-kelley

NOTE: Parent participation is required if your child has difficulty following instructions in a group setting.