Vertical Training Program

Easily Increase your vertical by simply training on the best platform...sand. Sand offers low impact on your joints, resistance to increase power, and a dynamic surface to increase stability muscles and balance. 

This program is best suited for committed athletes who will stick to a program, including a change in exercise routine, nutritional changes, and 100% effort during each session.  


Our vertical training program is a highly specialized class with professional expertise from our physical therapist, Joel Kelley. He has done extensive research on vertical and how movement, strength, stability, power, speed, and nutrition all contribute to increasing your vertical. He has also conducted a research study that supported the use of kinesiology tape to increase vertical. 

Schedule & Pricing

Back Again by Popular Demand!!!

July 2nd - August 6th 

(no session on July 4th, July 23rd, or July 25th)


Sessions are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays  6:00-7:00am. Our program encompasses weights, bands, medicine balls, speed ladder, drills, and more! There will also be a structured homework component. 

$15 per session

$105 per month

Parent add-on

$5 per session (has child signed up in a session)

$40 per month (has child signed up in the monthly program