8631 Cedar Creek Rd Temple, TX 76504

8631 Cedar Creek Rd Temple, TX 76504

8631 Cedar Creek Rd Temple, TX 765048631 Cedar Creek Rd Temple, TX 76504

About Us



Joel Kelley, Kayla Kelley, Jake Roehl, and Whitney Roel are great friends who had a dream of an awesome backyard sand volleyball court. Our dream became a reality when we built two sand courts in Temple, TX. We now want to further our dream by growing the game of sand volleyball in Central Texas. 


Leave A Legacy

Our mission, #leavealegacy, is meant to encompass all aspects of an athlete - competition, sportsmanship, skill, drive, passion, and work ethic. John 10:10, Jesus states "I have come that you may have life and have it abundantly". We seek to inspire others to an abundant lifestyle while enjoying the wonderful sport of sand volleyball. 


What We Offer



Camps (ages 3+)

Women's Cardio Workouts

Vertical Training Workouts 

Private & Group Lessons

Court Rentals

Birthday Parties

Special Events

FREE Open Play (select days/times)

About Beach


Why Beach Instead of Court?

Beach volleyball has an advantage in that it forces the athlete to improve at every aspect of the sport: serving, passing, setting, hitting, reading the hitter, digging, conditioning, and communication. Unlike indoor, athletes are not able to specialize in certain skills, and weaknesses are consequently magnified on the beach. Moving in sand, from running, jumping, or just simply shuffling into defensive position, is far more difficult than moving on the court. Sand is a great training tool for improving strength, speed, and agility. It provides continuous resistance that challenges your muscles in all movement planes, helping to improve strength and explosiveness. The instability associated with the shifting of sand activates small stabilizing muscles that improve balance and reduce the risk of injury.

Benefits for Juniors

Beach volleyball is exploding in popularity, and is one of the fastest growing sports for junior girls due to its popularity in the Olympics and due to new scholarship opportunities that exist at universities. Many junior indoor programs are incorporating beach training into their programs, or strongly encouraging their players to pursue beach volleyball to assist in skill progression.  For juniors, beach volleyball offers many new opportunities - improved skills and fundamentals, stronger and more diverse volleyball resume, and increased opportunities to gain college scholarships.

Many indoor coaches are beginning to support their athletes playing beach. Some of the most famous players in the history of the game grew up playing beach volleyball, which served as a key component to their volleyball success. Karch Kiraly is now the USA Women’s National Team Head Coach and he spent his entire life playing beach volleyball. He played indoors in college at UCLA and then went on to win gold medals in the ’84 and ’88 Olympics.

Many beach programs around the country are providing opportunities for girls to play beach volleyball year-round, and the Texas weather certainly allows for a longer playing season. Our sand club offers training, tournaments, and camps throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons.

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