Men's AVP America Open Tournament - May 5th, 2019

$70 per team

Check-in at 12:00pm

Play begins at 12:30pm


Coed Doubles - May 5th, 2019

$50 per team

Check-in at 12:30pm

Play begins at 1:00pm

Prizes for 1st and 2nd place


Men's/Women's Doubles - May 19th, 2019

We are running a Men's and Women's Doubles Tournament

$50 per team

Check-in at 12:30pm

Play begins at 1:00 pm

Prizes for 1st and 2nd place 


Fundraiser Tournament for Aly Dahl

Coed 4's (at least one female)

$20 per player

100% of all proceeds go directly to Aly Dahl to help cover medical expenses. 

No skill required and no prizes for first; this tournament is all about FUN and RAISING MONEY to help a wonderful family!


Check-in at 9:00am

Play begins at 9:30am

Aly's Story

Hi, my name is Aly, I am married to Bjorn and we have a beautiful 9 year old daughter, Riley.  We currently live in Hewitt, TX but moved here a little over a year ago from San Diego, CA.  Both Bjorn and I were raised in San Diego and after getting married, buying a house, and starting a family of our own, I honestly thought that we would be there forever.  I worked as an athletic administrator and ran a volleyball program at a private school, where I thought I would work until it was time to retire; I LOVED my job and LOVED the people I worked with; that part of my life was great.  I worked there for 7 years until I unfortunately had to resign because of my health.  My husband was also well established as a head men’s junior college volleyball coach and also coached many successful club teams and started multiple successful club programs as well.  We never would have thought that we would have ended up in Waco, Texas; yet here we are. It was a move that was an unseen change, but a move that seemed to be the only option. We moved to Waco for better health care and cheaper means of living to pay for medical expenses. Although this move was difficult, we later realize it has definitely been the best move we could have ever made. We have been provided with an amazing community to help me and my family throughout this journey! My team of doctors, nurses, church family, and friends have all been supportive, encouraging, and helpful, which helps me to keep fighting! 

I was diagnosed with lupus in 2012 but my health issues really began after having my daughter (2009); they say trauma to the body can bring it out.  While I had my challenges; heart ablation, kidney infections, lots of hospital visits right off the bat….it was pretty manageable for quite some time. Eventually my lupus started to progress - I had gone through a couple rounds of chemo, taken a few too many leaves of absences from work, and had gotten to know the nurses in the ER and the hospital a bit too well; I ended up resigning from my job.  Not too long after that, my stomach started having problems functioning and I had to have a feeding tube surgically placed so that I could get nutrition.  I had dropped a significant amount of weight, which is still a struggle to put any weight back on. It’s a problem I use to wish I had, and hopefully one day will again, but for now it is still a struggle. I cannot eat solids by mouth, only liquids and soft foods; all protein must go through the tube.  I do remember my first long hospitalization, which was April 2015; I was admitted for a kidney infection and neutropenia. I ended up being in there for over 2 weeks, including being stuck in there for my birthdayL.  Since that fun filled visit, I have yet to be in remission, which has included a life consumed of many doctor’s visits, ER visits, and other medical procedures. Hopefully, one day I can get back into remission and get these feeding tubes out of me. This hope is ONLY possible with the help of some amazing doctors that I am fortunate enough to be seeing, an amazing group of friends and support system, prayer, and allowing my body some time to rest so that it can heal. I am eager for a day of peace, but until that day comes, I try to take it one day at a time, keep a positive mindset, and leave it in God’s hands and trust that He will get me through this.