Brent Reynolds


Brent Reynolds is a youth pastor at Grace Baptist Church in Salado and coaches for a local indoor volleyball club. He has a passion to help youth grow in all aspects of their life, including spiritually and physically.  He not only invests in improving skill, knowledge, and athleticism in an athlete, but also invests as becoming your number one fan; Brent’s hobby is attending school events to watch his athletes compete. Brent is well rounded with a vast of knowledge and passion! 

Volleyball Credentials

Brent Reynolds is a beast of an athlete and can beat anyone right or left handed, whether it be hacky sack, badminton, or bowling! He was honored as an all-state athlete in football, basketball, baseball, and track in high school. He further competed as a collegiate athlete in track and basketball. He has always played volleyball with his family growing up, and then played on the men’s volleyball club team for Sam Houston. He is now competing in Men’s AVP events with Coach Joel and is ranked in the top 500 AVP players.  


Each private lesson is either a 60 minute or 90 minute session. It’s highly recommended that group sessions are 90 minute sessions. 

Individual Lesson: $50 per hour 

2+ Group Lesson: $30 per hour 

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