Joel Kelley


Joel Kelley is a physical therapist who specializes in orthopedic conditions. His knowledge about the body and mechanics and quality of movement greatly enhance his ability to coach all levels of skill, focusing on correct fundamentals to the fine details of movements. He is certified in Rock Tape and has done extensive research on how kinesiology tape is effective for movement, endurance, speed, and vertical. Joel is a specialist at increasing your vertical. He is also a sports nutrition specialist and can develop a specialized food plan to assist top athletes. 

Volleyball Credentials

Joel Kelley has always loved sports and wanted to be a professional athlete since he was in Kindergarten. He was a dual collegiate athlete, focusing on golf, which he later played on the Adam's Pro Tour. He didn't start playing volleyball until 2012, but he immediately fell in love with the game. He developed a strong passion for sand volleyball and has worked hard to learn all aspects of the game. He has played in several Men’s AVP tournaments since 2017, and has partnered with Coach Brent for the next season. He is ranked 300 among the top 1000 AVP players.  


Each private lesson is either a 60 minute or 90 minute session. It’s highly recommended that group sessions are 90 minute sessions. 

Individual Lesson: $65 per hour 

2+ Group Lesson: $40 per hour 

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